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Learn How to MIG Weld in Canada

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Have you gotten your MIG welder from Weldingchamps.com already but don’t have the skills to become a MIG welder professional? Don’t worry; there are institutions in Canada that will help you become the welder you wish to be.

Visit these seven renowned schools and fulfill your dream soon!

Sheridan College


This institution in Ontario offers a Certificate in Welding Fabrication Technician/Welding Techniques and a diploma counterpart. Selecting the former will require you to study full-time for a year. Choosing the latter, on the other hand, requires you to study full-time for two years. The welding program of this school enables its graduates to be qualified to enter an apprenticeship as a welder, pipe-fitter, steamfitter, boilermaker, millwright, or sheet-metal mechanic.

The University of the Fraser Valley

This Canadian public university is fully accredited and accommodates around 15,000 students annually. It offers diplomas, undergraduate bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees. In this institution, you can obtain a welding certificate that requires you to study full-time for only 34 weeks.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

This school offers a wide variety of certificates, diplomas, and even apprenticeships. 95% of its graduates rated the quality of their programs as satisfied to very satisfied. You can get a vocational certificate for welding or fabricator welder in this institution after studying for 34 weeks as well. The school is even welcoming to international students.

Algonquin College

Algonquin_CollegeEarn a college certificate in welding and fabrication techniques from this college when you study full-time for 45 weeks! The program is a combination of shop work and theory which allows students to develop their welding skills. In this institution, you’ll be able to get your hands on the latest welding equipment and tools while you learn.

Fanshawe College

Located in London, Ontario, this college welcomes more than 4,500 international students from over 75 countries. It’s one of Ontario’s largest colleges and has additional campuses in Woodstock, Fanshawe, and Simcoe, St. Thomas. It offers over 200 degree, certificate, and diploma programs. Scholarships are also available here. You can earn a certificate in welding techniques in this college after studying full-time for 30 weeks.

Fleming College

This is the welding school for those who want to study welding even more. You can obtain a certificate in welding techniques after two semesters in this college, but you can also choose to study for longer and get a diploma in welding and fabrication technician after you study for four semesters.

Conestoga College

Conestoga_College_Doon_Campus_Highway_Sign_ClockThis college doesn’t offer one or two welding programs, but three! In this institution, you can either gain a certificate in construction techniques (HVAC, welding, plumbing, and electrical) or certification in welding techniques both for one whole year. What’s more, you can also choose the Diploma in Welding and Fabrication Technician program and study for two years.

What are you procrastinating for? The demand for welders in Canada is growing! Learn the right way to weld from these Canadian institutions now.



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