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Top 6 Best Pools In Canada

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These pools undergo a lot of cleaning just for you! Owners of these famous pools in Canada are fans of robotic pool cleaners which help them keep their pools sanitary and safe for all swimmers—whether a tourist or not.

Check these out, and I promise you, you’d be encouraged to add a pool in your backyard and purchase a pool cleaner too!

Lavelle Pool Bar

Location: Toronto


This newly opened pool is an excellent place to relax—there’s a garden to rejuvenate your soul, a juice bar to refresh you physically, and a restaurant whenever you feel you need to be stuffed with delicious food. The restaurant is right next to one of the longest rooftop pools ever in North America.

The Thompson Hotel

Location: Toronto

Toronto has the most popular and sophisticated pools in Canada. The Thompson Hotel hosts one of them. It provides guests with a magnificent view, an exclusive playground, and a warm atmosphere as soon as the sun goes down. You should know, however, that the pool is restricted to the hotel residents, guests, and invited VIP members.

Cabana Pool Bar

Location: Toronto


Who said Toronto is a boring place? Well, the city does it again with its Cabana Pool Bar. It’s one of the most popular posh pools that will make you want to stay in the pool forever. Of course, you’ll have to thank the pool cleaners that keep the pool safe for you to swim. So when you visit this pool, take some time appreciate the existence of pool cleaners. I’m serious.

Delta Hotel

Location: Winnipeg

A pool in the middle of the city? Why not? This is somewhat like an urban oasis. It’s near offices and buildings. Swimming here will make everyone else who can view you from their buildings jealous. It’s the getaway that will make workaholics take a break and actually enjoy it.

Fairmont Hot Springs

Location: British Columbia


Need to take a dip in a pool with the beautiful nature as your view? Visit Fairmont Hot Springs and have the best pool experience ever! Your skin will even have a better glow after swimming.

Le Crystal

Location: Montreal

Visit the rooftop pool in Le Crystal any time of the year and enjoy swimming like never before! Don’t worry; this pool is appropriately maintained (thanks to automatic pool cleaners). This whirlpool is the reason why Montreal is such a beautiful place to have a vacation in.

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